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Visual Studio Code

Why use it?

I have grown very fond of Visual Studio Code. I still use vim for insane editing of files involving the use of external Unix tools and for certain purposes emacs still remains my weapon of choice (yes; I am one of those guys who use vim and emacs).

However, Visual Studio Code has become my choice for everyday work (it even happens that I run vim from within it). There are a multitude of reasons:

  • VS Code is a great extensible IDE that contains an editor with many handy features.
  • It has plugins available for almost any purpose.
  • It runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux (even when the latter runs on a Raspberry Pi 4).
  • On Windows you can edit WSL projects as if you were working on native ones.
  • You can develop remotely on servers that allow SSH access (even if the machines do not provide any graphical user interface).
  • You can use Microsoft's official version but fully open source spin-offs are also available.

Visual Studio Code: Versions

Official Visual Studio Code comes in two flavours, namely

If you want (or company policy requires) a fully open source version but do not want to build VS Code from its source you should consider VSCodium instead.

Even if you are using some less common system (like a Chromebook) you may not need to take the build-form-source path. There are special builds available at

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