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My Stolperstein-Related Project

The project that currently is in its second incarnation has multiple aims:

  • Make sure that all of Bonn's stolpersteins are represented in the OSM database.
  • Release a photo of each of Bonn's stolpersteins under a CC-BY license and add it to the OSM database.
  • Provide a website that shows all of Bonn's stolpersteins with their locations and provides additional information.
  • Release the code used for this Website under an MIT license in the hope that it may be adapted for similar projects.

So here you go:

Stolpersteins on OSM

This is my recommendation on which attributes to use for stolpersteins, an English version of what you can find on if you open the burger menu and select Stolpersteine in OpenStreetMap.

The first table contains attribute values that should occur precisely as given.

Attribute Value
artist_name Gunter Demnig
historic memorial
material:de Messing
material brass
memorial:type stolperstein
memorial stolperstein

Please provide memorial and memorial:type because the former is commonly used for memorials while the latter is commonly used for stolpersteins.

The second table shows attributes you should use with appropriate values (of course only when those values are known)

Attribute Value
image Reference to a photo of the stolperstein
inscription The stolperstein's inscription
memorial:text The stolperstein's inscription
memorial:addr The stolperstein's historic address
name Name of the viction (without 'née' etc.)
object:city City where the stolperstein was laid
object:country Country where the stolperstein was laid
object:housenumber house number where the stolperstein was laid
object:postcode house number where the stolperstein was laid
object:street street where the stolperstein was laid
person:date_of_birth when the victim was born
person:date_of_death when the victim died
start_date when the stolperstein was was laid

Please provide both inscription and memorial:text because the former is commonly used for all memorials while the latter is commonly used for stolpersteins.

When editing the data of the stolpersteins in Bolzano/Bozen I for the first time needed to use the multilinguality of the object scheme. Note that this also allows to add a location's German (this makes sense as many German maps still show them and some don't even accompany it with the actual (e.g. Polish) name. This may perhaps make some sense for locations written in the Cyrillic alphabet but even then it has a imperialist taste to it.

Attribute Value
object:city:de Meran
object:city:it Merano
object:city Meran - Merano
object:country IT
object:housenumber 15
object:quarter:de Maria Himmelfahrt
object:quarter:it S. Maria Assunta
object:quarter Maria Himmelfahrt - S. Maria Assunta
object:street:de Meinhardstraße
object:street:it Via Meinardo
object:street Meinhardstraße - Via Meinardo
object:suburb:de Untermais
object:suburb:it Maia Bassa
object:suburb Untermais - Maia Bassa

Note that I considered to write the Italian name first but then again about 2/3 of the inhabitants of the South Tyrol region speak German as their first language. I resorted to ordering the languages alphabetically by their country code.

Finally here is a list of attributes I urge you only to use after having read the OpenStreetMap wiki entry Key:addr as for all attributes starting with object: follow exactly the sames rules apply as for their addr: counterparts

  • object:conscriptionnumber
  • object:district
  • object:hamlet
  • object:housename
  • object:place
  • object:province
  • object:state
  • object:subdistrict
  • object:suburb
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